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    2018-08-01Can Macroeconomic Stabilizing Policies Stabilize Export Volatility?Pei-Chien Lin 
    2017-07-31The Impact of International Financial Integration on ExportsPei-Chien Lin 
    2016-10-31A Study on Pricing Schemes for Residential Water: Economic Efficiency, Income Distribution, and Cost NeutralityMing-Feng Hung 
    2016-07-31Revisit the Trade Openness-Inflation Nexus in Alternative Monetary RegimesPei-Chien Lin 
    2015-10-30The Distributional Effects and Efficiency of Increasing-Block Pricing for Residential Electricity in TaiwanMing-Feng Hung 
    2015-07-31Trade Liberalization and Inequality in Selected Developing Countries: A Synthetic Control ApproachPei-Chien Lin 
    2014-07-31The Dynamic Impacts of Financial Liberalization on Income InequalityPei-Chien Lin 
    2013-08-01Economics Growth and Income Distribution: Comparison between Monetary and Fiscal PoliciesHsiao-Wen Hung 
    2013-08-01Fertility and Labor SupplyShun-Fa Lee 
    2013-08-01反傾銷政策的跨國連鎖效果Kuo-Feng Kao 
    2012-08-01Optimal of the Friedman Rule in a Growing Economy with Increasing Returns to VarietyHsiao-Wen Hung 
    2012-08-01Population and Economic GrowthShun-Fa Lee 
    2012-01-01Globalization and Transitions of Population Structure and Labor Market in TaiwanChun-Hung Lin  
    2011-08-01Re-Estimation of Regional Beveridge Curve: the Application of Spatial Cointegration ModelChun-Hung Lin  
    2011-08-01Public Education Expenditure, Economic Growth and Welfare.Hsiao-Wen Hung 
    2011-08-01Trade, Growth, and WelfareShun-Fa Lee 
    2011-01-01Emergent Complexity of Cognitive, Psychological, and Culture Factors: Simulations with Software AgentsBin-Tzong Chie 
    2010-01-01Return Flow, Conjunctive Use, and Water Use Efficiency- The Case of Yun-Lin AreaMing-Feng Hung 
    2010-01-01The Determinants of Homeownership and the Impacts of Homeownership on Household Social Behavior in Taiwan-A Spatial Panel Econometric AnalysisChun-Hung Lin  
    2010-01-01Rearing-Cost Subsidy, Fertility Choice, and Economic GrowthHsiao-Wen Hung 
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