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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    1072018,Southern Economic Journal 85(2), p.424-440,Kuo-Feng Kao
    1072018,The Dynamics of Used Car Markets: An Application of Agent-Based Simulation,系統思考與管理 2(1), p.26-46,Bin-Tzong Chie
    1072018,經濟研究, 54(1), 頁 29-71,Chun-Hung Lin
    1072018,International Journal of Economic Theory,Shun-Fa Lee
    1062017,Journal of Happiness Studies 18(6), pp 1841–1857,Chun-Hung Lin
    1062017,Journal of Finance and Economics 5(6), p.269-280,Pei-Chien Lin
    1062017,International Review of Economics and Finance 52, p.446-456,Kuo-Feng Kao
    1062017,Review of International Economics 25, p.999-1016,Kuo-Feng Kao
    1062017,Energy Policy 109, p.782-793,Bin-Tzong Chie
    1062017,Energy Policy 109, 782–793,Ming-Feng Hung
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